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Control Service

When insecticides are combined with proper sanitation, they reduce the reinvading ability of a cockroach. However, chemical control ought to be applied with caution.
Baiting technology has been effectual in the control of cockroaches and other insects.

The technology does not pose dangers to human beings and it eliminates cockroaches effectively. The gel bait involves usage of a small dose and the liquid pesticide supplements it. The baits are kept on the insect’s hiding places. Baits have proved to work better than sprays.

The IPM approach is an effective measure used to eliminate the presence of cockroaches since they can be detrimental to our health. The approach can be summarized as reducing sources of food and water, eliminating their hideouts, etc.

Control Service

The initial step to be taken in a control measure is inspection, sanitation, and elimination. Inspect the presence of rats and identify their locations. This can be done by looking out for their droppings, burrows, urine stains and gnawing damages.

Rats’ exclusion entails sealing cracked openings such as the broken basements, broken windows, and warped doors. For the roof, confirm the completion of the sheathing and that the shingles are tight. A clean house keeps away rats; thus ensure the dustbin is emptied regularly, maintain landscaped places, tightly cover garbage containers and enclose food in firmly sealed containers.

The second step involves the rat control measures of setting up baits and traps. Place them on different parts of the house.

Termite & Wood Borer
Control Service

Just as their name suggests, wood-borers feed on wood and cause great damage on the woods. They depend on wood for growth. They rampage wood structures as well as furniture.

Signs of Wood Borer Infestation
1. Wood borers can be noticed through the fresh exit holes they make in timber. The holes are round, oval in shape and with sharp edges. The holes always seem fresh.
2. Wood tunnels are a clear indication of the presence of wood borers. These tunnels are made as they feed on the wood.
3. Bore dust is debris coming from the wood as the beetles exit the wood. This can be noticed beneath the timber infested.
4. Weak floor boards indicate they are being fed by wood borers. A chair leg seen to be going through the floor reveal serious infestation.

Control Service

Ants are destructive pests and have economic, social and environmental impacts. Socially, the fire ants attack and repeatedly sting.

The ants move fast in large groups and undetected. They attack humans and begin to stinging at once. The stings are painful and cause burning itchiness. Multiple stings make one feel as if on fire. Those stung should seek medical attention; the stinging can result into an allergic reaction and if the blisters from the stings are broken, a secondary infection may occur.

The effects of the stings can be reduced by applying a cold press to provide a swelling or pain relief, wash the area affected with soap and rinse, and seek medical attention for those allergic to stings.

Control Service

Mosquitoes are found throughout the universe. Typically, they are very annoying; due to their itchy bites. These insects pose grave threats to human beings and have resulted to numerous deaths through the diseases they transmit.

Apart from diseases, mosquitoes are also a nuisance to homes in the rural regions. Mosquitoes disrupt recreational functions. In a place with a huge infestation, mosquitoes can harm livestock.

The Common Types of Mosquitoes are
1. Anopheles,
2. Coquillettidia and
3. Culex.

Bed Bug
Control Service

Bedbugs have become significant pests; as they invade many households. They readily adapt to home environments. One of the factors that have contributed to increase of bedbugs is too much focus on inventions of insecticides that target other pests; ignoring bedbugs.

Increased travelling of people and lack of awareness has also led to the spread of bedbugs. The common types of bedbugs are the Common Bedbugs (Cimex lectularius) and the Tropical Bedbugs (Cimex hemipterus).

There has not yet been proof that bedbugs transmit diseases, however their bites are dangerous. Bedbugs’ bites may not be that painful, but they cause the skin to itch and for some, allergic reactions. Moreover, they cause stress and sleepless nights.

Control Service

Flies are in the order Diptera, meaning two-winged. The life expectancy of flies varies from 8 days to 2 months. Flies’ species are over 15000 and can be found in many parts of the world apart from the polar region.

They spread diseases due to their fast and wide movement; from garbage to utensils and foods. They also land regularly since they have two wings and thus deposit many bacteria as they land.

Flies feed on filthy organic matter; feces, wounds and garbage. The flies carry diseases on their legs plus the hairs on their bodies and therefore caused diseases. The adult house flies liquefy food with saliva before eating in the process they transmit pathogens to the foods or the surfaces they have come into contact with.